Brand Transformation Academy

Experience an 8-week comprehensive course that teaches you LIVE how to build, monetize, and scale your brand so you can create a profitable and sustainable business without the costly guesswork or overwhelm.

Ultimately, what you sell is a commodity. Your strongest asset in building your dream business IS your brand.

This course will teach you the proven strategies and systems (no fluffy hacks, tricks, or dead end tips) that I've been trained in the last 20+ years working for billion-dollar global brands, startups, small businesses, and fellow entrepreneurs, so you can build a thriving brand and business that allows you to work and live the way you want. 


This course is for you if...

  • You're an ambitious solopreneur in the early stages of building your business empire who has a vision but lacks the experience and roadmap to accelerate that vision into a reality of profitability and sustainability.¬†

  • You find yourself stuck in the overwhelm of branding, content creation, sales funnels, social media, list building, and often ask, "Where do I start?" or "What do I need to prioritize?"

  • You have a product or service in mind, but you're unsure how to effectively sell and market it without getting lost in the sea of noise.

  • You're wearing all the hats right now in your business because you're not quite in a place to outsource and are trying to arm yourself with the proven marketing and business strategies and skills to accelerate your growth.¬†

  • You feel like attracting the right clients is a guessing game, and you want a game plan for nailing your messaging, content, and marketing so you can speak to the right person at the right place at the right time.

  • You're eager to do marketing tasks¬†more efficiently¬†so you can avoid being up till 2 am and allow yourself to focus on what you actually love doing.

  • You want a one-stop shop course that will give¬†you the¬†step-by-step roadmap of building, monetizing, and scaling your brand because you're tired of spending more money on another one-off masterclass that still leaves you with questions.

  • You crave the support and camaraderie of a liked-minded community not just during but after the course ends, without additional fees.

Brand Transformation Academy will help you...

Define your brand purpose

to create the path forward, so you can make the most intentional use of your time in running your business and achieving your goals.

Identify your

competitive edge

so your brand can stand out from the sea of sameness and attract your ideal clients because you "get them."

Validate your
business model

so you know where to invest your time and money because you understand what the revenue movers are and what's required.

Create meaningful content

and messaging that speaks to your ideal client's soul so you can grow your list of clients all while having the right infrastructure in place to make content creation streamlined and fun.

Build an intentional marketing plan

that helps you strategically scale your brand across the marketing channels that make the most sense for you, so you can grow your sales with confidence.

Make sense of what's working

so you can make informed decisions on how to take action to improve your sales and marketing so you're never left guessing or stressing.

Build your dream business so you can create the life you've always wanted.

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What you get inside Brand Transformation Academy

ūüĎČ 8 weeks of course curriculum with over 30 lessons

ūüĎȬ†16 LIVE¬†calls with Genevieve- 2x a week

ūüĎČ Coursework paced week over week

ūüĎČAccess to a private Facebook community during and¬†after the course for ongoing support and camaraderie

ūüĎČLifetime access to the course curriculum, worksheets/templates, and any future content updates

ūüĎČMoney-back guarantee

ūüĎČBONUS: Additional call¬†for Q+A and wrap up

Check¬†out some of the highlights from the below modules ūüĎá

Module 1:

In this module, you will get an overview of the program and those expectations, so you can set yourself up for success.

  • Roadmap of the next 8 weeks
  • Time & energy management
  • Helpful resources
  • Operationalizing your business¬†for success

Module 2:
 Define the foundation

In this module, you will establish the critical business foundational pieces to pave your roadmap forward. 

  • Identify your business goals
  • Identify¬†your brand building blocks, brand story, and brand style guide parameters
  • Understand the¬†role of brand vs¬†marketing today and¬†how to¬†maximize

Module 3: Find your unique edge 

In this module, you will get clear on your ideal client's needs and the competition so you can uniquely position your brand to stand out.  

  • Get a pulse on market and consumer trends to refine your strategy¬†
  • Get clear on your¬†ideal client's problem so you know exactly who you're talking to and how
  • Identify¬†the competition and¬†your "sweet spot"

Module 4:
Identify the opportunity

In this module, you'll take what you learned from Module 3 to bring your brand's purpose to life at the moments that matter most to your ideal customer.

  • Create your ideal customer "mindset" profile¬†
  • Build a¬†customer journey map to identify & validate your products & services
  • Identify¬†your business model & validate those requirements

Module 5: 
Create content with purpose

In this module, learn how to build lovable and binge worthy content that engages, sells, and nurtures. 

  • Create an effective content strategy
  • Develop¬†compelling content by understanding¬†photography, videography, messaging¬†best practices
  • Learn how to systematize¬†your content for¬†speed & scale

Module 6:
 Scale content with purpose

In this module, learn how to execute your content across common marketing channels with precision

  • How to effectively repurpose content
  • How to leverage¬†paid, owned, and earned¬†content¬†
  • Understand & implement email best practices (e.g., storytelling, list building, message hierarchy, sequencing, testing, etc.)
  • Understand & implement website best practices (e.g., storytelling, landing pages, user experience, user interface, etc.)
  • Understand & implement social media best practices (e.g., storytelling, community building, selling, content, etc.)

Module 7: 
Design & launch intentional offers

In this module, learn how to create and launch an intentional offer that builds demand for your products and services

  • Learn why¬†funnels are¬†deficient & what to do instead
  • How to create an intentional offer
  • Identify the marketing planning needed¬†to¬†promote and scale your offer

Module 8:
Learn, Improve, Implement 

In this module, learn how to interpret your marketing data so you can your improve business outcomes.

  • Understand¬†common marketing analytic terminology¬†
  • Know how to¬†track your marketing¬†to determine what's working vs what isn't
  • Learn how to take action off your data to improve your content and marketing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why this course   

  • 20+ years of unmatched brand, marketing, sales, and business experience
  • Learn proven strategies and systems¬†inspired by the biggest brands in the world
  • Lifetime access to all modules to work at the pace that feels good for you
  • Curriculum taught LIVE¬†with replays available
  • Library of worksheets,¬†templates, and resources to save you¬†time and headaches
  • Community support during AND after the program ends so you're never feeling alone or stuck

About Genevieve

As a former corporate executive, I had the privilege to spend my career working with high profile brands like Accenture, New Balance, Delta Air Lines, Bank of America, FedEx, GE, Pepsi, Prudential, Subway...to name a few.

I've been at the helm to lead these brands through remarkable transformations, including‚ÄĒ reimagining their brand through the stories they tell and award-winning customer experiences they deliver, innovating their business model to help future-proof their business to stay relevant, and creating new products and services that disrupt the market and generate sustainable profits.

Now, I'm taking my 20+ years of experience growing billion dollar companies, to teach you the proven strategies and systems that will help you grow your brand and business so you can have the greatest impact.


In Their Words



¬†"I recognized Genevieve's name, having worked with her through our prior jobs, and knew I had to reach out. Her unparalleled wealth of experience and insightful guidance make her stand out in the coaching space.¬†Her exceptional ability to simplify complex concepts and turn them into actionable strategies sets her apart. She effortlessly distills intricate business strategies into understandable steps, making them accessible even to those new to the game.¬†Her Opportunity Assessment deck is nothing short of gold‚ÄĒa comprehensive tool that has transformed my approach to identifying and capitalizing on business opportunities. It's become my go-to resource, offering invaluable insights and direction.

Beyond her expertise, Genevieve's approachability and genuine investment in her clients' success foster an environment of growth and innovation. Her guidance has deepened my understanding of business intricacies and empowered me with the confidence to apply these concepts effectively. Please take my word for it: Genevieve is the mentor you need on your journey to success. "

- Tamara DeOrio, Founder, Today with Tamara

"Being an entrepreneur can be very isolating and very challenging. We are great at our ‚Äúcraft‚ÄĚ but we also wear many hats that we may not feel confident in.¬† How to properly market myself is one of them. I wanted to work with Genevieve because she has a wealth of experience in her field. An area that I needed much help, guidance, and improvement on.

Genevieve is a phenomenal listener. She really listens to what your challenges/struggles are and creates realistic solutions on how to conquer those challenges. She also has a very creative mind -- she helped me think of other business ideas, revenue streams, and approaches that I can leverage within my business. This was super helpful!"

- Katie Diehl, Owner, Diehl Nutrition

"Genevieve gets it!  I have had the pleasure of working with Genevieve at Coached by Genevieve.  I was not sure what direction to go towards next with our marketing, website, and branding.  She listened, understood, and provided great suggestions and guidance as far as direction.  Her approach was methodical, and her insight, spot-on.  Genevieve had spent her career helping large organizations thrive.  That experience flowed seamlessly to assist our small business.  Discussions were open and honest.  She helped us find our Why.  She introduced me to people she worked with, provided videos and learning materials to allow me to succeed on my own,  and was always a phone call or email away.  Her knowledge was current.  As we prepare to launch our new website and marketing campaign, her expertise can be seen.   For anyone looking for assistance, it will be well worth your time (and investment) to speak with Genevieve.  She cares, she gets it, and she wants you to succeed!"

- Aaron Raphael, CEO, Allan Chemical Corporation

"If you’re lucky enough to get some of Genevieve’s time, you won’t regret it. She is truly one of the kindest, smartest, most down to earth people I’ve ever met and I promise you’ll walk away with much, much more than you came with."

- Abby Katz

"After connecting with Genevieve through a networking group and learning more about her breadth of knowledge and experience in the marketing space, I knew she was the perfect coach to help me get on track. I highly recommend others to work with her as her expertise and perspective are unmatched!

- Nicole Baez

"Her sincerity and innate ability to authentically connect with people has made confiding in her the most comfortable, constructive experience. It’s thanks to her I have become a much more capable marketing professional and confident version of myself. The world needs more people like her."

- Steve Rizzo, colleague at Accenture

"One of Genevieve's greatest strengths is her ability to mentor and guide; she is concise and generous when it comes to sharing her expertise and those lucky enough to work with her invariably learn (and grow) in ways they might not have expected."

- Laurie O., colleague at Digitas

"Genevieve is an incredibly strategic, natural-born marketer who truly ‚Äėgets it'‚ÄĒ combined with a keen ability to wear many hats, lead her peers and adapt in a complex & ever-evolving digital media landscape. Her energy, positive attitude and passion for her client‚Äôs needs is contagious - and in return makes her extremely easy and fun to work with."

- Betsy H., partner at Twitter

"She is a digital marketer who gets it - gets the need to innovate in the ever-changing world of digital marketing, and gets how new technologies impact the way brands do business. She is dedicated and passionate, and was always a proponent of implementing new ideas to help her team reach their goals. Her deep knowledge of the industry was evident, and she is a hard worker with a vision, who fights to keep learning and improving."

- Melissa B., partner at Cualate