21 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid


There's so much to stay on top of when it comes to marketing, especially as an entrepreneur who his wearing wearing all the hats  and pouring so much time and brain power into your content, emails, socials, website, tech integrations, and still finding yourself stuck. Wondering, what to do? What to prioritize? How to move forward? What's going to move the needle when it comes to sales? 

This is your chance to stop making costly marketing mistakes so you can build an unstoppable brand that allows you to build the financial (and time) freedom you're craving. 

In this audio, I break down not one but twenty-one mistakes I see entrepreneurs making with their marketing and what to do instead. The segments are bite-size, making it easy to listen in the car and on the go.

Some of the mistakes featured:

  • You've got niching down all wrong
  • You're not repurposing your content correctly
  • Automations are not about setting it and forgetting it
  • Your content lacks direction
  • Your sales page is saying too much
  • You're focused on the wrong social media metrics
  • You're scaling too soon
  • Your funnel strategy is outdated

And much more!

Happy listening, friend!


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