Real and raw: A brand and marketing strategist who tells it like it is

There's nothing more invigorating than being in a room with people who share the energy, excitement, and joy of tackling business problems. As a speaker, I'm here to inspire and help you achieve more!

If you're looking for a dynamic brand and marketing expert who brings a no nonsense, yet unique and practical perspective to the table, that's not afraid to bend people's minds while delivering tangible strategies and advice, look no further. 

I'm not here to preach the same narrative as everyone else. I'm here to challenge the status quo and push thinking that will have people hungry for more.

 With an award-winning career spanning over 20+ years experience, I've had the privilege of leading some of the world's biggest brands, startups, and small businesses through remarkable transformations. This diverse experience is what sets me apart.

Whether you're hosting an upcoming training, conference, podcast, or looking to add a speaker to your next Zoom call, I'm your gal.

Here are some of the topics I'm passionate about and love to speak on:

-Why your brand is your number one asset to building and growing a sustainable  business

 -The power of digital marketing in today's business landscape and the necessary strategies for growth

-How your content is the super glue of your marketing and the ways to make it worth your time in building trust and driving sales.

-The jump from corporate to entrepreneurship and what it's like building a personal brand


Where I've spoken:

-Panelist at the Brand Innovators Summit in Boston, on "Putting Paid Media Behind Your Content"

-Panelist at the PRSA Boston Social Media Summit, "The Impact of Influencers"

-Panelist at the Havas Media Analytics Summit, "Cross-Screen Data & Analytics"

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